It’s been a long day!

Just arrived in Johannesburg after an epic journey! Picked Trai up at 4am this morning then drove to Newcastle airport for our flight to Amsterdam. Everything went very smooth (apart from the heaviest ever landing at Amsterdam, there has got to be a point when a heavy landing is a crash!) and we were soon on the long haul trip to Johannesburg.  

 Cleared immigration in record breaking time and checked into a near bye guest lodge where we are staying overnight before we pick a hire car up in the morning. 

Trai and I are looking to run wildlife photography and film making workshops here next year so the purpose of this trip is to source ideal locations and activities. 

Here is the first photo of the trip in the guest lodge dining room. Trai was very happy to see the bottle of Peach chutney that she used to like when she was living in South Africa with her parents. Hopefully the quality of the photography will improve!

More news soon :)

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3 Responses to It’s been a long day!

  1. Beryl Haygarth says:

    Hi both of u pleased all well great to hear from u will be following you every day .So no you will not be writing to yourself.if the peach chutney is so good I could always try some if some came home.Take care and looking forward to your photos.Love mam xx

  2. Sue says:

    Looking forward to watching your blog Pete take care x

  3. Anna Haygarth says:

    Check out dad taking selfies! Although your photography skills are much better with the camera facing the other way! But good effort! Hope you have fun, I’ll be following your blog! Lots of love x