First Game Drive

Up at usual time today and met Hendri at the gat for 0545. Today we went on a game drive, initially looking for the wild dogs but when they proved difficult to find we set off to look for Kalahari, the male cheetah that I had seen many times when I was here 2 years ago. Eventually we found him tucking into an Impala. It was good to see that he was looking healthy as he is quite old now for a cheetah.

We then went in search of the dogs again. 4 months ago they had a litter of 12 pups so there are 6 adults here too, so a pack of 18 in total, running around as a killing machine. We found them in dense undergrowth, they were also eating an Impala, Takes the heat off the warthogs, at least till tomorrow. We are going to try and get to them early tomorrow and hopefully see them kill.

In out mid day break today, Trai and I decided to do some aerial photography with the drone. It gave a great perspective to see the reserve from the air. The shot below shows the owners house overlooking the river.

We had a fairly quiet afternoon though Trai did find out what an elephant looks like when he is charging towards you while we were out of the vehicle!

Enjoy the photos which include us having a beer on a ‘sundowner’

_DSC7427 _DSC7438 _DSC7472 DSC_3180 DSC_3244 DSC_3260 DJI_0005

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3 Responses to First Game Drive

  1. Alex says:

    Hello Peter & Trai

    It gets more exciting every day. Brilliant photography.

    Take Care


  2. Beryl Haygarth says:

    Hi great photos and yes an ele he does look very cross I prefer them just getting on with life.Have you seen any difference to the place since you were there 2 years ago?I expected we would see some gorre photos so you haven’t disappointed us .Take care enjoy the wild life love Mam xxxx

  3. Sue says:

    Same old Pete wanting to see the dogs killing their dinner ha ha you never change mind they don’t get you xx