Fingers crossed

Trai and I decided to buy  bottle of wine while we were in Mkuze to see if we can win a trip to Madikwe Safari lodge so fingers crossed. The wine was nice but shame about the label!! Reminds me I must go on a diet when I get home.


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4 Responses to Fingers crossed

  1. Beryl Haygarth says:

    Hi good photos quite an assortment and I look for elephant every time .pleased with the text yes I did think either the croks or hippos had got you it looks as if there was a lot of hippos did you count them.The wine looked like a big bottle yes like the label I don’t think we could sell anything with a label like that .hope you win the trip !!!!!take care love mam xx

  2. Sue says:

    Hope you win fingers crossed x

  3. Alex Haggarty says:

    Hello Peter & Trai

    You are having a great time. Peter, no way are you FAT.

    Take Care


  4. Chris and Trev says:

    Hi Pete, Pleased the croc’s didn’t get you. Fab photos. Love the wart hog having a drink. Hope you win with the wine. Good luck. Have a great time. Take care.
    Lots of love Trev n Chris X.