Back to Zimanga

First of all apologies to those who have been wondering where we got too and wondering if the crocs got us. Problem is when we got to Zimanga there is no wifi so I have been today and got a sim card so back in action. I also was unable to authorise comments to be published till now, so thanks to all those who have left comments :)

We met up with Ester again and were picked up to go to the Croc and hippo boat tour which was excellent, and we saw lots of…. yes you guessed it… hippos and crocodiles but also quite a few African birds such as herons and kingfishers. The boat tour lasted about 2 hours then we set off on our journey north. It was lovely to see Ester again, look forward to meeting up again on travels in the future. We only managed about 20 minutes when we passed a butterfly dome so we stopped there for an hour for a few more photo opportunities.

On the road again, passing the gates of Zimanga, we finally arrived at our new home for 4 nights, the Nkonkoni fishing camp. The camp is on a game reserve so we had to go through security gates then arrived at the camp. We have a chalet each, which each have 4 beds and are amazing, I will post photos later in the week. Below are a few photos from the boat trip.

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2 Responses to Back to Zimanga

  1. Sue says:

    Was wondering why you had not put much on Pete but never thought about the crocs getting you you sense of humour never changes take care xx

  2. Chris & Larry says:

    Hi Peter

    We are enjoying the photos, you seem to have packed in quite a lot in such a short time. Continue to enjoy it all & we’ll look forward to seeing more fabulous pictures. Regards Chris & Larry x