Back at Zimanga

We finally arrived in Mkuze in the hours of darkness and checked into the very luxurious Ghost Mountain Inn. After making sure everyone was ok after dinner we all had an early night as we were getting picked up at 5am the next morning.

I didn’t get much sleep but soon we were picked up at the hotel by the Zimanga guides, Hendri and Dean and taken fro a drive around the reserve. As the sun came up we had picked up the pack of Wild Dogs which had 12 puppies so we followed them for a while, past a rare daylight sighting of 2 porcupines that the puppies found interesting. The dogs then came across the male Cheetah, Kalahari, who was starting to look a little old as he is well over the life expectancy for a cheetah but held his own when the dogs became aggressive towards him.

The rest of the day we saw Rhino which have been de-horned to stop the poaching which is destroying these animals at an unbelievable rate, lots of Elephant and we then met up with the most recent additions to Zimanga. 4 Lions, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We took some normal photos of the Lions, then as it got dark we did some creative back lit shots using the vehicle spotlights. The results were amazing.

dsc_6010 dsc_5999 _dsc4568


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One Response to Back at Zimanga

  1. Alison says:

    Great shots Peter. Looks like you’re having really great sightings x