About me

I was born in Bishop Auckland in 1963. As a child I had a fascination for wildlife and in particular, African wildlife. I remember being glued to the tv watching programmes such as Tarzan and Daktari and spending my pocket money on animal books and plastic animal figures.

In 1980 after leaving school I joined the RAF as a technician and in 1981, having qualified from my training and receiving my first decent pay cheque, I remember walking past a chemist and seeing a number of SLR cameras in the window. In I went and came out with a Pentax ME super. This was the start of my photography journey.

I left the RAF in 1989 and became a Police officer in Durham constabulary and soon specialised as a firearms officer and then a firearms instructor. While serving as a Police officer I studied photography at my local college over a 4 year period of evening courses and achieved a City & Guilds qualification. I also taught photography to some specialist units within the police.

In 2007 I went on my first trip to Africa, to the Masai Mara in Kenya during the Wildebeest migration. There is a saying that ‘once you taste the water of Africa it will keep drawing you back’. For me that is so true. Since then I have been returning at every opportunity. When I retired from the police in 2013 I went to South Africa for 3 months, at first working on a game reserve as a volunteer and then travelling the garden route before flying up to Livingstone in Zambia to witness the incredible Victoria falls.

Since then I’ve been to Tanzania, Rwanda and Namibia as well as South Africa several times teaching photography on ‘Trai Anfield’s Photo Safari’s’.


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